Monday, November 2, 2009

Magnificent mornings

Yarra River on the left (the same river that runs behind my home) Yarra trail on the right.

I have come to understand that our journey to wherever we spend our day can have a profound effect how we experience it. The reason that I am only now realizing this is due to my previous proximity. I have not had a commute of more than 10 minutes to work or school for quite some time (if ever). My commute now, can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, this all depends on how I chose to get there, what mode of transport, and how relaxed I chose to move.

In previous times here in Melbourne, I have thoroughly enjoyed riding the trains, it's perfect for winter, and I feel some sort of inexplicable love for it. However, I've always preferred riding my bicycle to almost any other form of transportation, so as the days have gotten warmer (and oh have they! Its been reaching the low to mid 30s (roughly 90ºF)) I have made an effort to ride as much as possible.

Until about two weeks ago, I was riding (on a designated bike path) along some fairly busy roads for about 3/4 of my commute into the city. The ride was only about 7kms, but took about 25 minutes, if I biked quickly, due to traffic. The new ride is closer to 20kms, and takes about the same amount of time at a reasonably relaxed pace. Not to mention there are no cars, and the scenery is positively gorgeous.

Yarra River on the left (the same river that runs behind my home) Yarra trail on the right.

One of a couple attractive bridges along the trail, can't help but make me think of all the beautiful bridges in Minneapolis

Vines, veggies, and other plant-life on the Collingwood Children's Farm.

more Collingwood Children's Farm, the farm also has a café, with chickens, peacocks and geese running around.

Today a friend and I stopped in for iced coffee, and a peacock had his feathers open, unfortunately all I have is this phone picture. Regardless, the café is fantastic, and how great to have morning coffee on this bustling farm

Some handsome characters in some of the paddocks a little further down from the farm.


Millie Davies said...

simply beautiful....

Unequal-Design is Dylan C. Lathrop said...

I want to be all, "good goin mate," but I'm so upset that you are living the splendor and we are about to get hit with wizardous — as in cast by a wizard — bout of cold and awfulness.

justin_mckinley said...

so rad.

HMH said...

such a sight! Post more!

cute kills said...

I think I salivated with jealousy. By the way, don't get too close to the peacock...dem craaaaaazzzy bitches.