Monday, August 17, 2009

froma munf out

There are a multitude of disjointed thoughts currently suspended here, your flicker downward deploys a slow drop.

For Michael Aberman's We Saw That #3 Centered around a theme of, Why we travel.

Canoe camping.

Canoe campsite.

Canoes converge.

From within a tipi, at NW Fur Trading post.

From the Stone Arch Bridge.

At the Minnehaha falls.

From atop the Minnehaha falls.

Woodpecker at Eloise Park with Nick.

Also at Eloise Park with Nick.

Father's day archway.

A fertile father's day.

Ferns on father's day.

A fine field on father's day.

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Nerdlinger said...

I just went to Eloise the other day at dusk and it was so magical, have you been across the street to the quaking bog?