Tuesday, March 17, 2009


"Predator X" could have potentially "...crushed a Hummer" said Jorn Harald who led the expedition that uncovered this beast. Read the full article here. Man I love when they find new species, specially enormous vicious monsters.

On a side note, Tour de France runner up for the past two years, Cadel Evans (Australian) announced that he is not competing in the Giro d'Italia as previously announced. He IS however, still seeking a couple riders to sign to his team for the epic June race.

Whose with me?


justin_mckinley said...

i'm with you— hip hip hooray!

notions & potions said...

don't forget the little guy:


chrisb said...

are those amazing sponsor shirts coming standard with team membership?

hip hop horaaaaaay hoooooooe haaaaaay hoooooe