Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My portfolio website is done, and live.


I welcome any & all feedback.

I would also like to thank web-genius Liz Plahn, who was an invaluable asset to this project. It should also be noted that when she stops tip-toeing around minor tweaks to an already fantastic website, she too will have an updated web-presence.


Alice Pattullo said...

Colin. It's pretty damn great. Your work looks pretty good too. Good job, double thumbs up!

Sara said...

The website is enormously easy to navigate, beautiful in design, and does justice to your work. As a freshman, it's inspiring to see your collection of wonderful work and think that I will (hopefully) be able to contribute my own work to the art world in such a way.

On a side note, your andrew bird font was beautiful and gentle. Quite suitable, I must say!